6th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Francisco Martínez-Sevilla

From the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference, York, 2012.

The Neolithic stone bracelets in the south of the Iberian Peninsula: experimentation on their manufacturing technology

Francisco Martínez-Sevilla

Dpto. Prehistoria y Arqueología. Universidad de Granada, Spain

Póster A PDF of the poster, copyright of the author, is available to downlowad.

Among the wide variety of elements of personal adornment which characterise the Neolithic in the south of the Iberian
Peninsula, bracelets stand out because of their high degree of processing and the difficulty entailed in their production. Among the different stone bracelets present in the Neolithic, two types should be distinguished: wide bracelets and thin bracelets. Wide bracelets have a plano-convex section and are made out with materials such as marble, limestone and dolomites. On the other hand, thin bracelets have a flat section, and are mostly developed on slate, schist, mica shist and to a lesser extent, on limestone.

Research about the manufacturing technology of this adornment have been based only on the interpretation of the
archaeological record. However, we propose an experimental protocol adapted to the specific archaeological problem. The method proposed is used to contrast certain hypotheses through the application of this experimental protocol. Taking into account that the interpretation of the archaeological record should depart from the first level of analysis, the experimental protocol is used to resolve problems which have come about because of the interpretation of the archaeological record. Our work has focused primarily on the study of the archaeological record which identifies the production of stone bracelets and the comparison with an experimental reproduction of the process.

In short, this paper presents the results of several experiments which have concluded with three main outcomes: the
identification of working techniques, the reconstruction of the manufacturing sequences of stone bracelets, and the presence of skilled craftsmen.


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