7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Barbieri and Cavazzuti

Poster presentation:

Stone moulds from Terramare (Northern Italy): analytical approach and experimental reproduction

Barbieri M., Cavazzuti C.

Parco Archeologico Terramara di Montale

A PDF copy of this poster, copyright of the authors, can be downloaded here.

A large number of stone moulds has been found in Terramare sites since 19th century. They were made to produce a wide range of bronze objects, such as ornaments, weapons and tools; the most represented items are axes and daggers. Empirical observations pointed out that not all the types of stone have a good resistance to the heat of molten metal. This was the starting point of a research which involved a team of geologists, archaeologists and craftsmen, with two principal aims: on one hand identifying the lithotypes used by Terramare artisans and the possible supplying areas, on the other hand reproducing one mould for axe with the same stone chosen in the past, using bronze and stone tools, to test the characteristics of the stone and verify the level of knowledge and skills required in this kind of production.


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