7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Pellegrini and Scacchetti

Poster presentation:

Observations on Italian bronze age swords production: archaeological record and experimental archaeology

Pellegrini L., Scacchetti F.

Parco Archeologico Terramara di Montale

A PDF copy of this poster, copyright of the authors, can be downloaded here.

In spite of the very large quantity of bronze age swords in Northern Italy, only few stone moulds have been found. In effect we have tested that carving such big stone moulds (more than 60 cm long) requires a big amount of raw material, deep knowledges and skills, rather than a wide set of implements. It has also been proved exprimentally that long sandstone moulds for swords, especially on blade details, are affected by fragility of the material itself, when stone comes in contact with the flowing melted bronze. For these reasons, this could mean that they were made in other materials and through other techniques, which did not leave any visible (or identified?) trace on metallurgical sites. A team of archaeologist and craftmen is now working on other methods, which will be presented in this paper.


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