7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Caruso and Speciale

Poster presentation:

‘Hut&Fire’: an ongoing experimental project in Sicily

Kati Caruso and Claudia Speciale


A PDF of this poster, copyright of the authors, is available to download.

Aim of the project ‘Hut&Fire’ is the reconstruction of a Bronze Age hut, using techniques, methods and raw materials consistent with knowledges acquired by the excavation of the site of Case Bastione (Villarosa, Enna) and other known Sicilian and South Italian archaeological contexts. This kind of experiences are quite innovative in Sicily where, except from didactic activities, experimental archaeology is not much practised. Preliminary steps have been: the study of similar projects in making and using prehistoric and proto-historic tools and huts building; the close examination of bibliography about Bronze Age structural remains and of paleoenvironmental data.The following phase of the project, still in process, concerns the collection of raw materials and making of tools and architectonic hut elements. Afterwards, we will proceed  in building one or more scale models of the hut in order to test techniques, static solidity and the possible variants of the structure. Finally, the hut will be set up and then burnt, with the purpose of a future stratigraphic excavation and documentation of the hut remains. The results of this experience will be useful to enrich the knowledge about Sicilian prehistoric material culture. One of the most important goals of the project is the widest diffusion of data collected among scholars (scientific publications) and non-specialist public: every step are being recorded, by photos and videos as well, and progressively shared on a website and social networks.


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