7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Colell and Vallès

Poster presentation:

CEP: Centre of experimental archaeology in Estinclells (Verdu, Catalonia)

Ramon Cardona Colell1 and Josep Pou Vallès2

1Centre d’Estudis Lacetans, 2University of Lleida

A PDF of the poster, copyright of the authors, is available to download.

The goal of this proposal is to bolster a centre of experimental archaeology, an association dedicated to research on the Iron Age Iberian Culture (Protohistory), that intends to reach out to both the educational system and the general public. With this goal in mind, a centre of experimental archaeology (CEP) is being established on a plot of land owned by the town council of Verdú (l’Urgell). This land is adjacent to the archaeological site of Els Estinclells, a settlement of the ancient Iberian Ilergetes tribe. The fact that this site is almost totally excavated and that its features have been consolidated and are in the process of museological valorisation, increases both its scientific and social potential.

The two most significant lines of this proposal are therefore the programme of scientific archaeological experimentation and the pedagogical potential, in a close collaboration with local and regional organisms:

1. The first is a pilot project dedicated to Protohistory, in particular the ancient Iberian Culture, that is already in place (master plan in 2010 and sub-projects carried out in 2011). The project, nonetheless, requires a final definite thrust. One of its most innovative aspects of this proposal on the scientific level is the strategy to integrate several different spheres of experimental archaeology.

(a) agriculture and archaeobotany: this line of research focuses on the reconstruction of the ancient  agricultural system of the Iberian culture, based on the three main productions found on archaeological sites in the area: cereals, grapevine and olives.

(b) Protohistorical building systems: this aspect is based primarily on the construction from scratch of buildings to shelter the future wine or oil presses. These building will be attached to a segment of the city rampart which will also be erected.

(c) pottery production: the idea of this sub-project is to rebuild the different parts of pottery kilns so as to grasp the ancient construction techniques. A replica of a large pottery kiln based on the « Casa Grande » at the site of Alcala de Xúcar is currently being reconstructed. Other smaller kilns are also planned based on the structures of the site of Pontons (Alt Penedès).


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