7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Estevo Amado Rodríguez

Poster presentation:

Acorn bread in Iron Age of NW Iberia. From gathering to baking.

Estevo Amado Rodríguez

Study Group for the Prehistory of NW Iberia – University of Santiago de Compostela (GEPN-USC)

A PDF of this poster, copyright of the author, is available to download here.

Strabo’s Geography is one of the main sources that archaeologists use for  the study of the Castro Culture customs on food and consumption. Diet has an important place in their descriptions, where Strabo affirms that during two thirds of the year, those mountaineers fed on the acorn.  The archaeological evidence shows that these people were mainly farmers; therefore Strabo presents this idea of gathering and poor agriculture trying to emphasize a civilizing image of Rome. However, the gathered products would constitute an important part of their diet, as the common finding of acorns on an important number of settlements seems to indicate. Acorn bread has occupied an important place in our work on food and consumption in the Northwestern Iberian Iron Age, being one of the first operational chains that we have investigated and reconstructed through experimental archaeology, paying particular attention to the final steps of this process, such as the extraction of tannins, the grinding with stone mills, and the different cooking methods depending on structures and artefacts.


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