7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Justyna Orłowska

Poster presentation:

Methods of drilling holes in prehistoric artefacts made of antler  – an experimental and use-wear study.

Justyna Orłowska

Institute of Archaeology, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń (Poland)

A PDF of this poster, copyright of the author, is available to download.

The occurrence of antler artefacts on prehistoric European archaeological sites is one of the most interesting evidence of highly developer manufacturing system in these times. Such products as tools, weapons and ornaments are often an indicator of certain specific cultural traditions. Among the wide range of different categories of such artefacts, especially interesting,  on account of  the way of production, tend to be those with characterictic, large (greater than 1 cm) holes. Upper Palaeolithic perforated batons, different kinds of mesolithic hammer adzes or neolithic T-shaped axes were an inspiration to take up the subject associated with the process of making such kind of holes. The main goal of presented experimental program was to verify previous theories and determines related to the presented subject. For this purpose, a series of experiments were carried out with different techniques and tools that could be used by our ancestors.


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