7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Steffan Klemenic

Poster presentation:

An Experimental Investigation into the Clovis Snapped Blade Technology

Steffan Klemenic

University of Exeter

A PDF copy of this poster is available to download

This poster presents the results of an experiment which attempted to cast some light on the purpose of notches, and how breaks were initiated on snapped Clovis blades from the Gault site, central Texas. The experimental aspect focused on three methods, and used porcelain blades made by Professor Bradley, University of Exeter rather than the original blade material of chert.

The experimental results of this project were that of the methods used, method 1 (which used a wooden rig to support the blades while a stick was pushed down over the notches to break the blade) and method 2 (which used a split stick to break the blades) produce results most similar to those seen in the Clovis snapped blade technology, but that further work needs to be undertaken with stricter methodological controls to produce a firmer conclusion. This may shed some light on the possible organic artefacts used by Clovis people that are not often found archaeologically.


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