7th Experimental Archaeology Conference – Programme with Abstracts

Programme title picture

Presented here is the final programme of the 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference, including links to the abstracts. A PDF of the programme and abstracts of both oral and poster presentations is available to download.


Welcome and pub social at the Pen and Wig

Day 1, Friday

Cardiff University


10.00  Neither Rough nor Tuff; an Experimental Approach to Understanding the Durability of Prehistoric Irish Shale Axes. Bernard Gilhooly (IE) (abstract available).

10.20   Reconstructing the Cook’s Galley on the Mary Rose – From Seabed Rubble to Working Kitchen. Christopher Dobbs (UK) (abstract available).

10.40   Riding the waves:  learning to build a Bronze Age boat. Linda Hurcombe (UK) (abstract available).

11.00 BREAK

11.30   A Burning Question: Structural and Isotopic Studies of Cremated Bone in Archaeological Contexts. Christophe Snoeck (UK), (abstract available).

11.50   Some like it hot: the effects of charring on crop remains. Mike Charles, Glynis Jones, Emily Forster, Michael Wallace, Nick Fieller and Eleanor Stillman (UK) (abstract available).

12.10   Getting to the bottom of it: experimental approaches to archaeobotany. Don O’Meara (UK) (abstract available).

12.30   Were bifaces used as mobile cores by Clovis foragers in the North American Lower Great Lakes region?  An archaeological test of experimentally-derived quantitative predictions. Metin Eren (UK) (abstract available).



2.00     Experiments with Hafting of Scandinavian Funnel Beaker flint halberds. Tine Schenck (NO) and Christian Horn (DE) (abstract available).

2.20     Evaluating Knapping Skill and Exploring the Cultural Transmission of Lithic Artefact Traditions (title to be confirmed). Stuart Page and Nada Khreisheh (UK) (abstract available).

2.40     The production of high carbon steel directly in bloomery process. Theoretical bases and metallographic analyses of the experiment results. Adrian Wrona (PL) (abstract available).

3.00     Surgery in the year 1350 AD Reconstruction of medieval orthopaedic en dental treatment in Archeon, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands. Wiel van der Mark, F. Bloema,  A. Cool , M.S. van Hasselt, R. Knijpstra, M. Keereweer, E. Ijsveld, J.Rebergen, H.C. Fraza, J. Veldman (NL) (abstract available).

3.20     BREAK

3.50     Let’s Build a Kiln – Introducing Experimental Archaeology into the University Curriculum. Gaynor Woods (UK) (abstract available).

4.10     Contribution of tool curation in the morphometric variability of Aurignacian projectile points made of antler. Luc Doyon (CDN) (abstract available).

4.30     Experience as foundation for Experiment: A Practitioners Progress. Elizabeth Corey Lopez (UK) (abstract available).

4.40     Headresses and Outreach (provisional title). Guerilla Archaeology (UK). Guerilla Archaeology can also be found on twitter, and this project has also featured on their website.

5.00     Poster Session and wine reception

The majority of posters from the 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference can be viewed and downloaded in the online poster session.

7.00     Conference Dinner at Zero Degrees Microbrewery and Restaurant

Day 2, Saturday

Oakdale Workmen’s Institute, St Fagans

Morning 9.30

Leave Cardiff by coach from the front of Cardiff Museum Main Building

10.00 Arrive at St Fagans

10.20 Welcome

1o:30 Barrows, roundhouses and medieval courts: archaeological reconstructions at St Fagans National History Museum. Steve Burrow (UK), (abstract available).

10.50 How warm was an Anglo-Saxon house? Testing reconstructed buildings and unravelling myths of Dark-Age discomfort: A case study at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village. Mary Ellen Crothers (UK), (abstract available).


11.40 Researching the Basics. Craftspersons as a “research tool” in an archaeological spinning experiment. Katrin Kania (DE) (abstract available).

12.00 The influence of the dyers’ craft on experimental context: investigating the affect of metals in the dyeing industry of Pompeii. Heather Hopkins (UK), Katrin Kania (DE) and Sabine Ringenberg (DE) (abstract available).

12.30 Lithic experiments in rescue archaeology – a case from Southern Norway. Svein Vatsvåg Nielsen (NO) (abstract available).


Afternoon 2pm-4pm Conference attendees were able to attend the following demonstrations by delegates:


  • Claudio Cavazzuti, Monia Barbieri, Luca Pellegrini and Federico Scacchetti from Parco Archaeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terremara di Montale, Italy will be conducting bronze casting.


  • Ian Dennis – antler working
  • Katrin Kania hand-spinning
  • Simon Wyatt – playing musical instruments
  • Maria Lowe Fri of Stockholm University and Graham Lowe – working stone with Minoan chisels
  • Nada Khreisheh – flint knapping as a learning process
  • Metin I Eren – knapping  a Clovis point

There was also the opportunity to see Fagans’ miller, clog maker, weaver and Blacksmith at work, and to explore the grounds and historic buildings of St Fagans’ Museum.

5.00 Coach leaves St Fagans, arriving in Cardiff around 5:30pm

BETA analytical


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