8th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster abstract – Speciale et al.

Reproduction and use of sicilian early bronze age axes Speciale et al

Reproduction and Use of Sicilian Early Bronze Age Axes

Claudia Speciale, Kati Caruso, Claudio Cavazzuti, Francesca Grillo, Luca Pellegrini & Federico Scacchetti

ArchaeoGreen, PIazza Verdi 29, 90138, Palermo, Italy

A PDF of this poster is available to download here.

Main aim of this preliminary study is the analysis of the results recorded during the experimental replicas making and use of four bronze axes, within the frame of the archaeological project of prehistoric hut rebuilding in Tornambé (Pietraperzia, Enna). The axes were cast starting from a tin bronze (8% Sn), and following the typical bronze age casting process gathered archaeological evidences, namely working tools and casting structures. Axes were refined through multiple cycles of heating, cooling, hammering and then finally polished with sandstone and fine sands. A database was created in order to compare all the macroscopic and microscopic observations on the used axes (use-wear analysis on the edges and surfaces); data have also been collected taking into account different contingencies (weather, time, worker, kind of activity, etc).

Pellegrini L., Scacchetti F., Observation on bronze age swords production: archaeological record and experimental archaeology, The 7th UK Experimental Archaeology Conference – January 10,-11, 2012

Albanese Procelli R.M., Ripostigli di bronzi della Sicilia nel Museo Archeologico di Siracusa, Palermo 1993


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