9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Aprile et al

Daub in Prehistoric Structures: first results of the Experimental Project

Giorgia Aprile (Università di Foggia), Kati Caruso (Università di Palermo), Alessandro Peinetti (Università di Montpellier) & Claudia Speciale (Università del Salento)

The experimental project, started during the spring of 2014, was born to test daub variability and to furnish diagnostic elements for its identification in the archaeological record; in particular, questions are about daub technology itself (such as the amount of sediment in terms of volume and weight; the amount of water; the different mixture techniques; the different daub installation techniques, etc.), wooden frame technology (orientation of the fragments, low number of fragments with crossing prints, identify the markers for every species, etc.), fire dynamics (colours, residual morphology, etc.).

A protocol was set as a starting point for all those who study daub technology; the experimentation on real scale houses take a large amount of time and resources and limits the possibility of testing different hypotheses; a model prototype made by portions of walls at real scale was chosen.

Our first experimental attempts are based on archeological evidences from different Italian contexts: the site of Castello di Annone, with a big amount of daub referred to the neolithic phase of the second half of 5th millennium BC; .the Middle Bronze Age village of Apani; and Case Bastione, that belongs to the beginning of the Early Bronze Age (end of the III mill. BC). So far, three models were built and one of them was already burnt. The preliminary results, compared with the archaeological data, will be presented in this paper.

Aprile G, Caruso K., Peinetti A., Speciale C., Looking For A Scientific Protocol In Prehistoric Daub Experimental Project, IV International Experimental Archaeology Conference (Burgos- Spain), 8-11 May 2014

Peinetti A. 2014, Terra cruda e terra cotta: architettura domestica e attività artigianali, in Venturino Gambari M. (a cura di), La memoria del passato. Castello di Annone tra archeologia e storia, pp.275-319

Speciale C. in cds., La capanna 1 nell’area Beta di Case Bastione (Villarosa, Enna): prime osservazioni sulle tecniche costruttive dell’età del Bronzo in Sicilia attraverso lo studio degli intonaci, V Convegno dei Giovani Archeologi (Catania), 23-26 maggio 2013



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