Transport and Accommodation at the 10th Experimental Archaeology Conference

Exarc is hosting the main pages on the meetings including a wonderful program complete with paper and poster abstracts, as well as the Registration  page. However we have included some information below to help you with travel and accommodation. Leiden Leiden houses the oldest university of the Netherlands as well as about 120,000 inhabitants. It is … Continue reading

Program for the 10th Experimental Archaeology Conference

We are really excited to be able to present you with the following program for the 10th international Experimental Archaeology Conference, at Leiden University. Exarc is hosting the main website, where you can find full details for the conference including how to register for the conference. Last updated 14 December 2016. Thursday 20 April 2017 … Continue reading

Details and booking for the 10th Experimental Archaeology Conference

We are very pleased that the details for the 10th Experimental Archaeology Conference have been finalised. Full details and extensive information can be found on the EXARC website. The conference will run from Thursday, 20 April, 2017 to Saturday, 22 April, 2017 under the auspices of Material Culture Studies, Leiden University (NL) and EXARC. Papers and posters … Continue reading