Formal papers

1st Experimental Archaeology Conference, November 9th 2006, UCL London.

Practicalities of experiments in archaeologyRoeland Paardekooper. (abstract available here)

Waiting for the air to clear: experimental archaeology and the use of domestic space in early medieval roundhousesTriona Nicholl.

Feather objects and materials science in archaeologyMari Lowe.

Food for thought: nut exploitation in prehistoric EuropePenny Cunningham.

Experiments in malting, mashing and brewingMerryn Dineley (abstract available here).

Experimenting as a means to understand cloth types from the Alpine area of Europe from the Neolithic to Bronze AgeSusanna Harris (abstract).

The Earliest Brass in China – Some Thoughts on the Role of Experimental EvidenceJianjun Mei.

Reconstruction of the first copper-sulphide smelting processes in Western Europe: The need for an experimental approachEmilien Burger and David Bourgarit.

Wootz Steel ProductionAndreas Schweikert.

Slippier slag and social display? Copper-smelting technologies in the Aegean  Bronze AgeOliver Pryce.

Designing and Use of a Natural Draft Furnace for Bronze CastingBastian Asmus (abstract available).


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