Formal papers

The 3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference, 15th to 16th November 2008, Edinburgh University.

More than the daily grind: experiments in grain processing techniques – Merryn Dineley.

Barbed point manufacture at Star CarrBen Elliott.

Experience versus Experiment: differing disciplines’ definitions leading to the answering of ‘unanswerable’ questions, a case-study using Roman dyeing  Heather Hopkins (abstract available).

Modelling textile production in the past: family hemp textile production in a Transylvanian village – Alice Choyke and Zsuzsa Daniels.

The colours of Minoan faience: replicating an ancient technology Susana Kirk.

Apprenticeship in Palaeolithic Societies – Preliminary Results of Recent Experimental Flintknapping and its Implications for Archaeological InterpretationFarina Sternke (abstract available).

Changing material identities – An experimental approach to the copper axes of South-Eastern Europe Julia Heeb.

Flint use in flint scarce regions – Experiments with low quality flintLotte Eigeland (abstract available).

Experimental Testing of Methodologies in Use-wear AnalysisHarry Lerner (abstract).

Study of the harmonization, convenience and suitableness of house designs in Ancient Egypt:  experimental reconstructions of some houses Manal Massaud.

Reinterpreting roofs in the Iberian Citadel of Calafell Clara Masriera Equerra, Jordi Morer de Llorens and J. Santacana Mestre (abstract available). Project Website.

Desk Work, Field Work, then what?Roeland Paardekooper (abstract).

The positivist-postmodern tension in experimental archaeology of today – Tine Schenk.


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