Formal papers

4th Experimental Archaeology Converence, 14th November 2009, Aberdeen University and Archaeolink Prehistory Park.

Welcome to Aberdeen UniversityProfessor Tim Ingold.

Does familiarity breed contempt?  Exploring relationships between skilled practitioner and thoughtful scholarsRoger C P Doonan. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

“I’m still learning”*:  apprenticeship, archaeology, and the making of glass bottlesFrances Liardet. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

Breaking the sense barrier – New directions for complexity, transformation & reconstructive practice in Experimental Neolithic ArchaeoacousticsClaire Marshall. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

Challenging Pots:  Experiments considering the taphonomy of British Neolithic ceramics and the application of residue analysisDana Millson. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

Case Studies in Reconstructing 19th Century Science & TechnologyKlaus Staubermann. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

Experimental Archaeology After Simplicity – Implications for Reflexivity of Insights that a ‘Common World’ is Not ‘Given’Stephanie Koerner. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

The online database (DExAR) – Sternke

The Construction, Stability And Destruction Of Dry Stone Built StructuresJohn Barber and Graeme Cavers. (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

The Loch Tay Logboat ProjectDavid Strachan.  (Abstract hosted by Aberdeen)

Keynote speech ‘Cremating Miss Piggy’Dr Alison Sheridan FSA FSA Scot AIFA, Head of Early Prehistory, National Museums Scotland

One Response to “Formal papers”
  1. Tine S says:

    Aberdeen uni took down all the abstracts! Would love to have them back up on this site.


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