Formal papers

The 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference was hosted by Reading University in 2011 on the 8th-9th January.

Saturday 8th January

Morning Session: Experimental approaches to archaeological taphonomy

Keynote Paper Experimental earthworks and the formation of the  archaeological record – Martin Bell

Chemical analysis of buried soils from experimental earthworks with comparison to archaeological case studies – Amy Poole

Phytoliths as indicators of past water availability and palaeoeconomic practices – Emma Jenkins, Sameeh Nuimat, Khalil Jamjoum, Ambroise Baker, Sarah Elliott & Fiona Underwood

Inferring taphonomical history of grain assemblages: an experimental approach – Ferran Antolín (abstract available).

Stable isotope analyses of ancient cereal grains for environmental reconstruction: using experimental archaeology to improve existing methodology – Pascal Flohr (abstract and additional references available)

Afternoon Session: Experimental approaches to artefact use and wear

Time and enhanced value: the use life of bone beads – Alice Choyke & Paul Duffy (abstract available here ).

Raw material inter- and intra-type variability as a factor in use-wear formation: an experimental example from north-western New Mexico – Harry Lerner (abstract available here).

The role of experiments in solving functional riddles: the case of the infamous ‘polish 23’ – Annelou van Gijn & Annemieke Verbaas

The efficiency of wooden projectiles: experimental observations and archaeological implications – Geoff M. Smith (abstract available)

Can it be natural? The application of experimental data and 3D scanning to the study of Acheulian bifaces and the accumulation processes of their knapping by-products – Leore Grosman & Gonen Sharon (abstract and additional links available)

Reconstruction of ancient armour: a scientific approach – David Sim

Developing scientific approaches in experimental archaeology, any possibility? – Roeland Paardekooper (abstract available here).

Sunday 9th January

Morning Session I: Experimental approaches to archaeological fire

On probes and samples: an experimental framework for Middle Stone Age pyrotechnology – Silje Bentsen

Firewood in Viking age Iceland: an experimental approach – Dawn Mooney, Nikola Trbojevic & Aidan Bell (abstract available). Recently published as: Trbojevic, N., Mooney, D.E., & Bell, A.J. 2012. ‘A Firewood Experiment at Eiríksstaðir: A Step Towards Quantifying the Use of Firewood for Daily Household Needs in Viking Age Iceland’. Archaeologia Islandica 9:29-40.

Morning Session II: Practice in experimental archaeology

Experimental archaeology as scientific practice: 1796 to present – Jodi Reeves Flores (abstract available).

Ethnoarchaeology: a comparison to experimental archaeology and a critical evaluation of its application in Neolithic studies in central Turkey and the Zagros, Iran – Wendy Matthews


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