From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference , hosted by Reading University in 2011 on the 8th-9th January.

Life-histories of buildings and site formation processes – Rowena Banerjea, Alex Brown, Wendy Matthews & Stephen Nortcliff (abstract available).

Experimental Earthworks – Martin Bell

Chemical Analysis of a Reconstructed Hut Floor in the “Celtic” Village at St. Fagans, Wales – Katherine Brown (abstract available).

The science of projectile points: an experimental investigation into the classification of dart and arrow points in prehistoric North AmericaDanielle Davies, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Exeter (A PDF of this poster copyright of the author is available) (abstract available).

Building with mud: reconstruction of a WF16 PPNA building – Pascal Flohr (abstract available).

Integrating universities, heritage organisations and experimental sites – Rob Hosfield, Martin Bell, Wendy Matthews, Alex Brown, Rowena Banerjea & Stephen Nortcliff (abstract available).

Mesolithic Campsites: Experimental Burning of Wood Using Replica Hearths – Lisa Snape-Kennedy

Combining the visual and the chemical: a comparison of infra-red spectroscopic and micromorphological observations of experimentally fired clays from Silchester, UK – Lisa-Marie Shillito, John Allen, Matthew Almond, Rowena Banerjea & Wendy Matthews (abstract available).

Experimental burials – Helen Stokes


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