Formal papers

The 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference was held on 6th to 7th of January 2012, at the Kings Manor building at York University.

Day 1.

Welcome: Experimental Archaeology and Scientific Method. Professor Matthew Collins

Session 1: Experiments in Archaeological Geosciences

Reconstructing past water availability with plant stable isotope ratios: re-assessing a method by using experimental archaeology. Pascal Flohr, Gundula Müldner and Emma Jenkins. Read the abstract.

Identifying Formation Processes in the Archaeological Record Using Experimental Geoarchaeology Rowena Banerjea, Wendy Matthews, Alex Brown, Michael Fulford & Amanda Clarke. Read the abstract.  Read the Publication.

Environmental magnetism (frequency dependent magnetic susceptibility) as a proxy for differentiating between natural and anthropogenic burning in the hominin archaeological record. Sally Hoare and John Gowlett.

Session 2: Experiments in Artefact Technology and Function

A Matter Of Microns: Reverse Engineering Of Egyptian Faience Manufacture. Esme A. Hammerle. Read the abstract.

Experiments on Aurignacian Clay Structures, to reveal technology, firing and use. Małgorzata Kot.

The Shield in Ancient Egypt: an experiment on the construction, functionality and performance of Middle Kingdom rawhide shields. William Stonborough

Day 2

Session 3– Experiments in Artefact Use and Taphonomy

Microscopic Analysis of Experimentally Abraded Stone Tools. Wei Chu and Charlie Thompson. Read the publication.

Controlled ballistic experiments with glass replicas of Levallois points: the effect of energy, momentum, and angle on fracture types. Radu Iovita, Holger Schönekeß, Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser and Frank Jäger.

From Drawing Board to Workbench: Revisiting Viking Antler Comb Manufacture. Ian Dennis, Jacqui Mulville and Niall Sharples.

Session 4 – Practising Experimental Archaeology

Practitioner, Professional and the Public. Examining the Impact of Experimental Archaeology on Different User Groups. Gaynor Wood. Read the abstract.

Learning and teaching in experimental archaeology. Ruth Fillery-Travis. Read the abstract.

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  1. […] Cynthia was presenting interesting work on tracing what people were doing with their pots and whether they were making dairy products or not: she had previously showed some of her experimental work looking at vegetable v dairy/meat lipid absorbtion into pottery at the Experimental Archaeology Conference UK. […]

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