Many of the posters presented at the 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference can be viewed and downloaded from our online poster session.

Below is a list of posters present at the conference, links to their abstracts and downloadable PDF copies where available:

CEP: Centre of experimental archaeology in Estinclells (Verdu, Catalonia)
Ramon Cardona Colell and Josep Pou Vallès

The Worked Bone from the Links of Noltland
Sean Rice

Copper Plus Tin Plus People: Public Co-smelting Experimentation in Northwestern Iberia
Aaron Lackinger, Beatriz Comendador, Elin Figueredo,  M. Fátima Araújo, Rui Silva, Salvador Rovira

From Wax to Metal: An experimental Approach to the Chaîne Opératoire of the Bronze Disk from Urdiñeira
Aaron Lackinger and  Beatriz Comendador

Acorn bread in Iron Age of NW Iberia: from gathering to baking
Estevo Amado Rodríguez

Methods of drilling holes in prehistoric artefacts made of antler  – an experimental and use-wear study
Justyna Orłowska

Living conditions and indoor air quality in a reconstructed Viking house
Jannie Marie Christensen and Morten Ryhl-Svendsen

From Mead to Snakebite: An ethnographic study of modern British University sports team drinking culture and its parallels with Viking drinking rituals and consumption
Matt Austin

‘Hut&Fire’: an ongoing experimental project in Sicily
Kati Caruso and Claudia Speciale

Cooking pots or cooking with pots? Experiments with Iron Age portable baking chambers of NW Iberia
Josefa Rey Castiñeira, Andrés Teira-Brión, Nuria Calo Ramos, Estevo Amado Rodríguez

Where were the Viking Brew Houses?
Merryn Dineley and Graham Dineley

An Experimental Investigation into the Clovis Snapped Blade Technology
Steffan Klemenic

Observations on Italian bronze age swords production: archaeological record and experimental archaeology
L Pellegrini  and F Scacchetti

Stone moulds from Terramare (Northern Italy): analytical approach and experimental reproduction
M Barbieri and C Cavazzuti

To use or not use a Minoan chisel? Ancient technology in a new light
Maria Lowe Fri

An Experimental Archaeological Approach to Understanding Early Bronze Age Mining, Smelting and Metalworking
Simon Timberlake and Fergus Milton

Use-Wear Parameters of the Shahabad Limestone Flake Tools: An Experimental Approach
Debanjan Mitra, Dr. Vijay Sathe and Dr. Prakash Sinha



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