We are pleased to announce the final poster presentations and their abstracts for the 8th Experimental Archaeology UK Conference, Oxford, 10-11th January 2014. Further details can be found here.

The running schedule for the 8th Experimental Archaeology Conference has been confirmed. A PDF copy of the programme including all abstracts can be downloaded here.

Friday 1oth January

17:30 Wine Reception and poster session:

Using experimental archaeology to identify roofed and un-roofed spaces in the archaeological record Rowena Y Banerjea, Martin Bell & Wendy Matthews (UK). Read the abstract.

Making a Neolithic bead: from procurement to use, Emma Baysal (TU). Read the abstract.

Shaping Shale: experimental production of prehistoric beads and armlets, Alice Rose Day. Read the abstract.

Reconstruction of the carving and polishing techniques of Fatimid rock crystal ewers (10-12th cent. AD.) E. Morero, J. Johns, H. Procopiou, R. Vargiolu & H. Zahouani (UK). Read the abstract.

Methods of using antler hammer adzes in Mesolithic. Justyna Orłowska & Grzegorz Osipowicz (PL). Read the abstract.

Mesolithic “curved knives” from Polish Lowland. Remarks from use wear analysis and experimental studies. Grzegorz Osipowicz (PL). Read the abstract.

Reproduction and Use of Sicilian Early Bronze Age Axes. Claudia Speciale, Kati Caruso, Claudio Cavazzuti, Francesca Grillo, Luca Pellegrini & Federico Scacchetti (IT). Read the abstract.

The Prometheus Project: using fire to build a Bronze Age log boat. Ryan Watts (UK). Read the abstract.


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