9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Gilhooly

A Study of Prehistoric Irish Shale and Porcellanite Axes/Adzes through Experimentation, Quantification and Comparative Analysis Bernard Gilhooly University College Dublin This paper will discuss the methodological approaches currently being applied to the analysis of particular lithologies of prehistoric Irish axes/adzes and the range of skill sets developed to accomplish this. As part of an ongoing … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Martin

Relevance of the Sequential Experimentation for Quartz Stone Tools Sabine Martin University of Exeter Quartz is one of the most common raw materials used for the myriad stone tools found throughout the Paleolithic and is present in a variety of geological contexts. Its relative abundance and its poor aptitude for controlled knapping procedures especially when … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Clarke and Inwood

Creation and Cremation: Understanding ritual use of Neolithic material culture of the Irish passage tomb tradition in relation to the cremation process Tara Clarke & Niall Inwood University College Dublin During the Irish Neolithic the primary form of burial practice is cremation. Associated with this practice from c.3300-2700 is the construction and primary use of … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Whittaker

Flights of Fancy: The Behavior of Atlatl Darts and the Relevance of Experiments John C. Whittaker In spite of thousands of years of successful use, ethnographic survival, a century of experimentation, and modern sporting use, the atlatl or spearthrower is widely misunderstood. Various kinds of evidence are claimed to show that atlatl darts travel over … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Vassanelli et al

The production of steatite ornaments during the pre-protohistoric period in Tuscany A Vassanelli, E Adami, C Petrinelli Pannocchia & N Visintin University of Pisa Data from the analysis of the artefacts found in many pre-protohistoric sites in Tuscany are used as the foundation for an experimental project aimed at improving our knowledge on techniques that … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Torres Navas

Acheulian/mousterian production in Central Iberia Concepción Torres Navas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) & Javier Baena Preysler (Campus Cantoblanco – 28049 Madrid) In contrast with Upper Paleolithic studies, the analysis of skill in the lithic production in the study of Lower and Middle Paleolithic assemblages are scarce. In the majority of the contributions, the deficiencies and … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Teska

Identification of handedness through knapping gesture in experimental studies Sebastian Teska Adam Mickiewicz University Since XIX century lateralisation in past societies is an important issue discussed in the scientific literature. According to the latest research asymmetry in development of cerebral hemispheres should be matched with humans language skills. The character of flint knapping technology gives … Continue reading

8th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster abstract – Day

Shaping Shale: experimental production of prehistoric beads and armlets Alice Rose Day University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion SA48 7ED, UK Shale is a rock found throughout Britain, and a variety of functional and ornamental artefacts have been discovered at a great many prehistoric and Romano-British archaeological sites. Denford (2000) has studies … Continue reading

8th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Stemp and Andruskiewicz

Quantification of surface wear on experimental obsidian blades: First results of the Ancient Maya Blood-letting Project W. James Stemp (1) & Mason Andruskiewicz (2) 1. Dept. of Sociology/Anthropology, Keene State College, Keene, NH, 03435-3400, United States 2. Surface Metrology Lab, Mechanical Engineering dept., Worcester Polytechnic, Institute, Worcester, MA, United States It is widely accepted that … Continue reading

8th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster abstract – Morero et al.

Reconstruction of the carving and polishing techniques of Fatimid rock crystal ewers (10-12th cent. AD.) E. Morero, J. Johns, H. Procopiou, R. Vargiolu & H. Zahouani Khalili Research Centre for the Art and Material Culture of the Middle East, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX1 2LG, UK The art of Fatimid Egypt in the 10th–12th centuries … Continue reading