9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Grigsby

The Demands Of The Neolithic Houses At Durrington Walls: Time, Resources And Landscape Paul Grigsby The Ancient Technology Centre Durrington Walls has been identified as the location for the homes of the builders of Stonehenge. In 2004-7 The Riverside Project unearthed the footprints of buildings which have given us an insight into the lives of … Continue reading

7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – W vander Mark et al

Surgery in the year 1350 a.d. Reconstruction of medieval orthopaedic and dental treatment in Archeon, Alphen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands. W.vander Mark , F. Bloema , A. Cool , M.S. van Hasselt,  R. Knijpstra M. Keereweer textiles , E. Ijsveld, J.Rebergen, H.C. Fraza , J. Veldman Archeon/Alphen aan de Rijn/The Netherlands In the medieval … Continue reading

7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Steve Burrow

Barrows, roundhouses and medieval courts: archaeological reconstructions at St Fagans National History Museum Steve Burrow National Museums of Wales In August 2012 St Fagans began work on a £25.5 million redevelopment project. Groundworks have already begun and over the next five years we will be making major changes to the facilities and layout of the … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Rob Hosfield et al

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading, 2011. Integrating universities, heritage organisations and experimental sites Rob Hosfield(1), Martin Bell(1), Wendy Matthews(1), Alex Brown(1), Rowena Banerjea(1) & Stephen Nortcliff(2) 1) Department of Archaeology, University of Reading and 2) Department of Geography & Environmental Science, University of Reading This poster details the results of a workshop, held … Continue reading