9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Kamp

Trash or Offering? Experiments with Maya Spindle Whorls Kathryn Kamp Experiments replicating and breaking limestone spindle whorls provide the necessary evidence for interpreting a large deposit of broken whorls discovered at the Maya site of El Pilar. Given the difficulty of breaking the whorls, intentional destruction rather than accidental breakage in use or manufacture is … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Clarke and Inwood

Creation and Cremation: Understanding ritual use of Neolithic material culture of the Irish passage tomb tradition in relation to the cremation process Tara Clarke & Niall Inwood University College Dublin During the Irish Neolithic the primary form of burial practice is cremation. Associated with this practice from c.3300-2700 is the construction and primary use of … Continue reading

1st Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Merryn Dineley

From the 1st Experimental Archaeology Conference, UCL London, 2006. Experiments in malting, mashing and brewing Merryn DINELEY In this paper I will demystify the brewing process, present my experimental work and discuss the archaeological evidence for grain processing in the early neolithic. I will investigate the importance of malting in relation to the origin of … Continue reading