9th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster – Gregory

Dugout Boat Reconstruction: Methods, Use and Applications of Naval Architecture Niall Gregory Available evidence shows that Ireland has one of the largest catalogue of dugout boats in Europe. The pedigree of their use in Ireland extends continuously from the Neolithic Period to documented accounts at the end of the 18th Century AD. Their prolific use, … Continue reading

8th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster abstract – Watts

The Prometheus Project: using fire to build a Bronze Age log boat Ryan Watts Butser Ancient Farm, Chalton Lane, Chalton, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0BG, UK ‘The Prometheus Project’ was an experiment undertaken at Butser Ancient Farm, Hampshire, to investigate the potential use of fire in the construction of Bronze Age log boats. The use of … Continue reading

7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Hurcombe and van de Noort

Riding the waves:  learning to build a Bronze Age boat Linda Hurcombe and Robert van de Noort Exeter University A team composed of academics, museum curators, volunteers and a professional shipwright have been building a boat modelled on the stitched plank bronze age craft from Ferriby.  The work has taken place in full view of … Continue reading