9th Experimental Archaeology Conference demonstration – Nicholl

Shoes, Satchels and Scabbards – a demonstration of some sewing techniques used in Early Medieval Irish Leather-work John Nicholl Since 1995 my research has been focused on Medieval and Early Medieval Leatherworking in Ireland. Initially the purpose of the research was to explore the construction techniques used in Turnshoe manufacture in order to make accurate … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference demonstration – Vassanelli et al

From raw material to final product: Manufacturing techniques of steatite ornament production A Vassanelli, E Adami, C Petrinelli Pannocchia & N Visintin Università di Pisa In Italy, during the whole pre-protohistoric period, steatite was one of the raw materials used for ornament production such as: beads, pendants and so called “buttons”. Our workshop is intended … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference demonstration – Walsh

A practical exercise in the construction and operation of a warp-weighted loom improves understanding of its structure and may indicate a practical use for previously unidentified archaeological finds Shirley Walsh The building of a warp-weighted loom for operation by a group of medieval craftworkers/reenactors highlighted the paucity of available information regarding the construction and warping … Continue reading

9th Experimental Archaeology Conference demonstration – Smith Corby and Pettit

CookBook of Secrets: Making Color in the Studio and Through the Kitchen Candice Smith Corby (Stonehill College) & William Pettit (John Cabot University, Rome) Our proposal takes into consideration the combined interest of the origin of natural pigments and their connection to culinary traditions. Within an academic setting, contemporary studio courses often focus on process, … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Workshop Abstract – Inés López López-Dóriga

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading,2011. Plant-related experiments Inés López López-Dóriga Universidad de Cantabria This session is specially focused on the presentation and discussion of specific methodologies to investigate the exploitation of vegetable resources by past societies, both through the direct study of botanical remains and indirectly from other kind of materials from archaeological … Continue reading