9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Morris et al

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: Using 3D Laser Scanning and Experimental Archaeology to Understand Cretan Bronze Age Figurines Christine Morris (Trinity College Dublin), Alan Peatfield (University College Dublin) & Brendan O’Neill (University College Dublin) This story began when a small ceramic cat’s head was excavated, together with hundreds of other figurines, on the … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Leore Grosman and Gonen Sharon

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading, 2011. Can it be natural? The application of experimental data and 3D scanning to the study of Acheulian bifaces and the accumulation processes of their knapping by-products Leore Grosman & Gonen Sharon The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Abstract: The results of a study applying 3D scanning and morphological … Continue reading