6th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Imma Olich-Castanyer et al

From the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference, York, 2012. Experimentation about building and burning a haystack at the AREA of l’Esquerda (Roda de Ter, Catalonia) A PDF of this poster, copy right of the authors, is available here. Imma Ollich-Castanyer, Montserrat de Rocafiguera, Maria Ocaña Museu Arqueològic de l’Esquerda, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain Haystacks are organic … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Workshop Abstract – Inés López López-Dóriga

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading,2011. Plant-related experiments Inés López López-Dóriga Universidad de Cantabria This session is specially focused on the presentation and discussion of specific methodologies to investigate the exploitation of vegetable resources by past societies, both through the direct study of botanical remains and indirectly from other kind of materials from archaeological … Continue reading