3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Farina Sternke

From the 3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference, Edinburgh, 2008. Apprenticeship in Palaeolithic Societies – Preliminary Results of Recent Experimental Flintknapping and its Implications for Archaeological Interpretation Farina Sternke Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology,  University of Glasgow Recent studies involving skill and its transmission have provided information on the nature and length of apprenticeship and the … Continue reading

2nd Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Robert Smith

From the 2nd Experimental Archaeology Conference, Exeter, 2007. “Up in smoke”: Re-discovering medieval gunpowder Robert Smith Leeds, England In the 1990s the author was involved in a series of experiments to investigate the power, range and effectiveness of early cannon. Although accurate modern replicas of the barrels were made, the actual propellant was modern black … Continue reading