7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Elizabeth Cory-Lopez

Experience as foundation for Experiment: A Practitioners Progress Elizabeth Cory-Lopez University of Edinburgh In building my research strategies for my doctoral programme which studies the Chaîne Opératoire of stone carving in the Cypriot Prehistoric period, the role of experimental approaches have always proved crucial. However, I am constantly faced with the dichotomy between the strict … Continue reading

6th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Ruth Fillery-Travis

From Session 4 of the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference, York – Practicing Experimental Archaeology Learning and teaching in experimental archaeology Ruth Fillery-Travis The ways in which past peoples communicated knowledge is of considerable importance to studies of technological processes, and is an area in which experimental archaeology could prove highly informative. Whilst some teaching of … Continue reading

2nd Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Susanna Harris

From the 2nd Experimental Archaeology Conference, Exeter, 2007. Experiencing the materiality of prehistoric cloth types Dr Susanna Harris, University College, Archaeology Institute, London, England On the rare occasions when we encounter prehistoric cloth, the preserved remains are usually fragmentary and decayed, therefore no longer retaining their original qualities.   However, the materiality of cloth, including its … Continue reading