6th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Antonio Morgado et al

From the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference, York, 2012. Experimentation on the lithic technology of ophites rocks. The manufacture of axes heads in the South of the Iberian Peninsula Antonio Morgado(1), Francsico Martínez-Sevilla(1), José Antonio Lozano(2) 1) Dpto. Prehistoria y Arqueología, Universidad de Granada, Spain and 2) Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, CSIC-Universidad de … Continue reading

3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Lotte Eigeland

From the 3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference, Edinburgh, 2008. Flint use in flint scarce regions – Experiments with low quality flint Lotte Eigeland One problem for flint-scarce regions is evaluating how the scarcity influences strategies of stone tool production. In this paper I discuss the Norwegian condition, in which no indigenous flint can be found. Flint … Continue reading