6th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Rowena Banerjea et al

Identifying formation processes in the archaeological record using experimental geoarchaeology Rowena Y Banerjea(1), Wendy Matthews(2), Alex Brown(2), Michael Fulford(2) & Amanda Clarke(2) 1 Centre for Sustainable Heritage, University College London, UK 2Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, UK This paper was developed and published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. Both experimental archaeology and geoarchaeology have … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Workshop Abstract – Rowena Banerjea

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading, 2011. Micromorphology and Experimental Archaeology (Researching Archaeological Formation and Post-depositional Processes using Micromorphology at Experimental Sites) Rowena Banerjea Department of Archaeology, University of Reading A key advantage of experimental sites for the micromorphologist is to use these sites to understand further the depositional and post-depositional processes that take … Continue reading