7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Steve Burrow

Barrows, roundhouses and medieval courts: archaeological reconstructions at St Fagans National History Museum Steve Burrow National Museums of Wales In August 2012 St Fagans began work on a £25.5 million redevelopment project. Groundworks have already begun and over the next five years we will be making major changes to the facilities and layout of the … Continue reading

3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Clara Masriera Esquerra et al

Reinterpreting roofs in the Iberian Citadel of Calafell Clara Masriera Esquerra, Jordi Morer de Llorens and J. Santacana Mestre Project website Mediterranean Iron Age architecture differs from northern European. The most important materials used in the Mediterranean are rock, clay and straw, because those are easily found nearby while the northern European Iron Age architecture … Continue reading