7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Heather Hopkins et al

The influence of the dyers’ craft on experimental context: investigating the affect of metals in the dyeing industry of Pompeii Heather Hopkins, Katrin Kania, Sabine Ringenberg The manufacturing apparatus of Pompeii survived the volcanic eruption in AD79 in situ, allowing a reconstruction of workshops and industries. This, in turn, allows an understanding of Pompeii’s scale … Continue reading

3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Heather Hopkins

From the 3rd Experimental Archaeology Conference, 15th to 16th November 2008, Edinburgh University. Experience versus Experiment: differing disciplines’ definitions leading to the answering of ‘unanswerable’ questions, a case-study using Roman dyeing Heather Hopkins Bradford University The scale of manufacture in Roman Pompeii has been subject to fierce debate. Moeller (1976) concluded that the dyeing industry … Continue reading