8th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster abstract – Morero et al.

Reconstruction of the carving and polishing techniques of Fatimid rock crystal ewers (10-12th cent. AD.) E. Morero, J. Johns, H. Procopiou, R. Vargiolu & H. Zahouani Khalili Research Centre for the Art and Material Culture of the Middle East, University of Oxford, Oxford, OX1 2LG, UK The art of Fatimid Egypt in the 10th–12th centuries … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Poster Abstract – Pascal Flohr

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading, 2011 Building with mud: reconstruction of a WF16 PPNA building Pascal Flohr Department of Archaeology, University of Reading With: Catherine Douglas, Bill Finlayson, Mohammed Najjar, Nick Pankhurst, Ben Sharp & Dan Wheeler Recent excavations at the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) site of WF16 (11,600–10,200 BP), in the south … Continue reading