9th Experimental Archaeology Conference abstract – Gilhooly

A Study of Prehistoric Irish Shale and Porcellanite Axes/Adzes through Experimentation, Quantification and Comparative Analysis Bernard Gilhooly University College Dublin This paper will discuss the methodological approaches currently being applied to the analysis of particular lithologies of prehistoric Irish axes/adzes and the range of skill sets developed to accomplish this. As part of an ongoing … Continue reading

8th Experimental Archaeology Conference poster abstract – Day

Shaping Shale: experimental production of prehistoric beads and armlets Alice Rose Day University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus, Ceredigion SA48 7ED, UK Shale is a rock found throughout Britain, and a variety of functional and ornamental artefacts have been discovered at a great many prehistoric and Romano-British archaeological sites. Denford (2000) has studies … Continue reading

7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Bernard Gilhooly

Neither Rough nor Tuff; an Experimental Approach to Understanding the Durability of Prehistoric Irish Shale Axes Bernard Gilhooly University College Dublin, School of Archaeology Shale was the second most popular lithology used in Irish prehistory for the production of axeheads (Cooney & Mandal, forthcoming). Yet, as a fine-grained sedimentary stone, there have been questions about … Continue reading