7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Mike Charles et al

Some like it hot: the effects of charring on crop remains Mike Charles, Glynis Jones, Emily Forster, Michael Wallace, Nick Fieller and Eleanor Stillman The preservation of plant remains by charring is one of the major sources of information regarding the economy and environment of the past.  However, despite the importance of charring to archaeobotanical … Continue reading

6th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Pascal Flohr et al

From the 6th Experimental Archaeology Conference, York, 2012. Reconstructing past water availability with plant stable isotope ratios: re-assessing a method by using experimental archaeology Pascal Flohr(1), Gundula Müldner(1) and Emma Jenkins(2) 1 Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, UK 2 School of Applied Sciences, Bournemouth University, UK It has been argued that stable isotope ratios … Continue reading

5th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract – Pascal Flohr

From the 5th Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reading, 2011. Stable isotope analyses of ancient cereal grains for environmental reconstruction: using experimental archaeology to improve existing methodology Pascal Flohr Department of Archaeology, University of Reading Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis of ancient cereal grains is a promising new method to reconstruct the environment and ancient agricultural … Continue reading